About Chania

A sense of Venice
In the city of Chania, the calm waters of the harbor basin and the surrounding quays and old house facades form a naturally harmonious unit, which is actually reminiscent of Venice and its canals. In the cozy harbor, all the inhabitants of the city gather during the balmy evenings. The harbor promenade’s lanterns light up the many cafés, bars and restaurants that line the quay.

Narrow alleys
Behind the harbor are the narrow alleys of the old town, surrounded by the remains of a Venetian fortification wall. The trade takes place both during the day and in the evening in shops and bazaars. Entertainment continues into the night at music bars and cafes.

Modern part of Chania city
Around the old town are the modern neighborhoods, with shopping streets, squares and green parks. The famous leather street is here with a rich selection of quality leather goods. Do not miss the food market in Chania’s large airy market hall, built with the beautiful market hall in Marseille as a model. Everything in Greek food is sold here.