Chania Restaurants. Five strong tips to enjoy Cretan cuisine without falling into the tourist traps

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Mediterranean and especially Cretan cuisine is one of the best in the world. It stands out in taste, quality of materials and originality. Surely if you eat in a Cretan house, food cooked by a local cook maybe it is the only way to understand what I mean.

But, just because this is quite difficult for a visitor in Chania let’s see some tips that can help you eat good food in Chania without falling into a tourist trap.

1. See where the locals eat
In Chania, as in most parts of the world, there are restaurants that are open ONLY during the months of the tourist season and are addressed ONLY to tourists. Most of them serve mediocre food with moderate ingredients at rather high prices. Do your research and see which restaurants are open all year round and which are preferred by many locals at noon and night.

2. Find out which restaurants use extra virgin olive oil
Extra virgin olive oil is more expensive than seed oils and of course of much higher quality, tasty and healthy. It is produced in Chania and is what the locals use in their homes. If a restaurant uses extra virgin olive oil it means that it respects its customers and uses the best raw materials for the preparation of its food.

3. Read reviews on Google
Mainly read the LATEST negative reviews of the restaurant you are interested in. There, you will probably discover its negative elements and avoid the tourist traps.

4. What shines is not gold
Beware of restaurants with huge signs and menus in many languages ​​and with many photos of their dishes and also waiters at the entrance pushing you in. You usually find these restaurants in very central and touristy places and it is good to avoid them. Discover small restaurants in less central locations. You will probably find better prices and better food there.

5. Eat Cretan!
Learn about Cretan cuisine and its specialties. Avoid burgers, pizzas, frozen potatoes and fillets and eat like the locals. Find out which restaurants have a good reputation and specialize in preparing and serving well-known Cretan specialties with local ingredients.

If you like good food you are very lucky to visit Chania. Follow the simple tips I gave you and have a good appetite!

Follow the simple tips I gave you and have a good appetite!

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