Our work paints an optimistic picture of Easter tourism


“Tourism went extremely well during the holy days of Easter all over Greece and more than 325,000 cars left Athens these days,” said Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias, speaking to OPEN and the show “Hour of Greece”, noting that “the fullness in the popular destinations ranged well over 85% – 90% with a large presence of foreign visitors “. In the same context, he stated that the strategy of the Ministry of Tourism was to illuminate every corner of the homeland, stating that foreign tourists had already visited destinations they did not know “.

lighthouse tower near seashore
Photo by Ronny Siegel on Pexels.com

“It is a very optimistic picture for the country and the effort to stimulate the Greek economy,” said the Minister of Tourism, noting that we worked hard to start the tourist season earlier than ever.

“We are still at the beginning, as we expect a second wave in the next three days of May Day”, he stressed characteristically, saying that “at the end of the year we will make a fund”.

As Mr. Kikilias said “tourism is the popular economy of the country and the money from tourism goes directly to the real economy, supporting the disposable income of Greeks and small and medium enterprises”.

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